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The fourth section examines the causes and factors related to female domestic violence in the Pakistani context.

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The fifth section outlines an extensive discussion of Islamic solutions and strategies for the protection of women from domestic violence. Finally, the key findings of the study are summarized to give a conclusion to the paper and recommendations for future research. This endeavor employs a qualitative research methodology to analyze critically the relevant texts in order to explore the issue at hand.

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This study will provide an in-depth understanding of the issue of female domestic violence and its possible solutions from an Islamic realm. It is hoped that this contextual understanding of the issue will be beneficial for Muslim families and communities in Pakistan and worldwide.

Keywords: female domestic violence, Pakistan, Islamic perspective, critical analysis. Suggested Citation: Suggested Citation.

IJERPH | Special Issue : Family Violence

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Domestic Violence Research Paper

Many researchers from multiple disciplines are taking part in research on family violence. Several universities have established specific cross-disciplinary research groups to capture a broad range of expertise:. The database helps users locate other people and organisations working on similar or complementary projects or who have a particular interest or expertise.

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