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So, in the overview paragraph you need to write: how the process begins and ends the number of stages. If the diagram has loops or repeating stages, or your process is cyclic - write that in your overview too! Always use word overall to start your overview. After you've given the overview, you should write about specific details of your diagram.

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To do that, you need to describe each stage of your process in detail. Don't forget that you should provide information in a logical way!

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First of all, iron ore, yellow ore and carbon are collected to serve as a raw material for steel rods manufacturing. The melted mass is then transferred to a smelting cabin to undergo refinement. Next, the candescent metal is put in a pouring machine and poured into ingots. Metal goes through special nozzles and cools down, forming strands.

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Following this, the metal strands proceed to rollers that change their shape. Next, the products are put into a heating machine, where they undergo heat treatment.

Subsequently, a measuring automaton completes a surface check of the products. After that, the metal rods are sized by special cutters and get ID stamping. Finally, the products undergo inspection and are ready for use.

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  4. Process is a series of changes that happen over time. That's why time connectors are extremely important for writing about process diagrams. Use these time connectors to describe specific features of your diagram: first of all firstly to begin after that then next in the next stage following this subsequently finally. Your diagram will often provide you some additional information and hints for most stages of the process. Make sure that you use all that information while describing specific features of your diagram! So, who exactly is grading your Writing and Speaking?

    Brick Manufacturing Process | Band 8 Academic IELTS Report Sample

    One student wrote to us :. These days, most test centers split up the essays, so different examiners will be grading your Task 1 and Task 2. So, there is no chance of an examiner comparing your two essays back to back. IELTS does evolve over time; hence, asking test centers to have different examiners look at your essays. Another change is having more mixed question types in Writing Task 2. Finally, usually only one examiner will grade each of your essays.