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The Different Types of Roommates You Might Encounter and How to Deal

For example, having rowdy parties, listening to loud music while playing video games extremely loud, having sexual relations at full volume, and not being respectful of the other person that resides there, just to name a few. Second, playing video games and listing to loud music at wee hours of the morning is not respectful of the other person living there and if they are awakened by the noise they will most likely have an attitude and that will probably end up being an argument.

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Third, having sexual relations is one of the worst noises anybody can hear; having intercourse tremendously too loud and waking up the roommate is a gigantic problem and will consequently end in a combat situation. Having a dirty roommate will always lead to a fight immediately.

The first sign that will appear with living with a dirty roommate will be horrible body odor, they do not pick up after themselves, plus they will not clean up the apartment. First, bad body odor is the worst like musty under arms, stinky sweaty feet, and bad eye-watering breath. Second, roommates who do not want to pick up after themselves wants to leave things all over the place. Third, a roommate who is not concerned about cleaning up the apartment who just steps over dirty items not wanting to put just a little extra work into keeping the apartment clean is a terrible roommate.

Finally, living with a roommate with terrible finances will ultimately result in differences. For example, being unemployed, late on bills, and no transportation will unquestionably cause a dispute. First, having an unemployed roommate will never work out because the other roommate will have to pay all the bills or get evicted.

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Second, being late on bills will ultimately result in eviction or disconnection. For example, if the other person is late on rent they are getting evicted, if the gas and electric are not paid on time this will result in a disconnection.

10 Types of Roommates You’re Bound To Experience | Evo Montreal

Third, never having any transportation is annoying because always having to take a roommate everywhere is a big problem especially if they ask for a ride then never have any gas money will. Change everybody living situation for the better never get a roommate get a pet if it makes it a little easier with being alone trust it will save a headache.

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