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Hi Fede, you can definitely send these out to employers and HR managers. This is exactly what they are meant for ;.

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Hi Naveed, please note that you will first need to extract the files from the zip. If you want to avoid this, you might want to print your resume at a local print store.

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M odern. This template also comes in a premium version.

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Check out the details here. Links are listed in the documentation.

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If I fill my information in this template may I send it to some people who want me to work? This is exactly what they are meant for ; Good luck! Thank you sooo much Freesumes.

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And thank you Frans for stopping by and saying so, this means the world to us! I have successfully download but it is not opening in ms word for edit and fill personal data. A separate and unique cover letter must accompany every resume or CV, and it must include the following critical elements:. From this information, you can clearly understand why every cover letter must be uniquely crafted.

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Resume and CV writing companies tend to focus solely on the preparation of those documents. Thus, the same person who crafts a resume will also be charged with crafting the cover letter. This is a huge mistake.

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We recognize the difference between the type of writing style and syntax required for a resume or CV and the style that results in an exceptional cover letter. With that in mind, we have a department of creative writers whose sole purpose is the preparation of cover letters. Here is how we work:. You will be amazed by the compelling letters that have been written. We take it from there. If you really want to understand the difference between the cover letters that we produce and those you have been using, order just one today.

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When you receive the final product, you will understand immediately why we are the only source for cover letters you will ever want to use. Log In Order now. They make the following mistakes: They assume cover letters are really not read They produce a generic cover letter that can apply to any employment situation and submit the same one with every resume or CV. This is usually because they have used a template they found online and basically just fill in the blanks.