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The strategies should be such that on one hand they should recognize the critical roles of national, state and municipal governments and on other hand empower the civil society and the private sector to take a pro-active role in reducing deforestation, often working in conjunction with government. Reduction of population growth is pivotal in reducing deforestation in the developing countries. Consequent of reduced population, increase in per capita income will occur as a consequence of increased incomes and literacy rates which will reduce pressure on the remaining forests for new human settlement and land use change.

There is need to promote sustainable forest management. In order to promote sustainable forest management, it must be sustainable ecologically, economically and socially. Achieving ecological sustainability means that the ecological values of the forest must not be degraded and if possible they should be improved. This means that silviculture and management should not reduce biodiversity, soil erosion should be controlled, soil fertility should not be lost, water quality on and off site should be maintained and that forest health and vitality should be safeguarded.

This chapter describes the methodology that will be used in conducting the study. The chapter is organized under the following section: Research design, population, sample, and sampling procedure, instruments for data collection, procedure for data collection, data analysis, and ethical consideration.

This research study will use a case study research design.

A case study will be used because of its ability to collect data from people by using questionnaires, observation, its emphasis on fact finding and it allows the researcher to generalize data. The population of the study will compromise 10 immigration officers, 40 business men and women of Chama district. The sample size for the study will be 50 respondents. This will be headmen [five 5 males, farmers [five 10 males and five 10 males], forestry officers [five 5 males and five 5 females and kabombo community members [ten 5 males and ten 10 females] making a total of The study used probability sampling procedure or design.

To achieve this, simple random sampling procedure was applied so that every participant or respondent had an equal chance to be in the sample. The 50 respondents were randomly selected by giving them numbers from one to two. The number ones were then picked to form the study sample. The instruments used for data collection were questionnaires.

Questionnaires were used because of their ability to collect data from large sample and their rigidity against biasness. The other justification is that, a questionnaire is relevant in this study because it assures the respondents confidentiality and it is of less time consuming where data collection and analysis is concerned. Data collection refers to the gathering of information to serve or prove facts. It involves collection of views on the attitudes of the people about the state of affairs of the phenomenon.

Data collection is important in research as it allows for the dissemination of accurate information and development of meaningful programmes. In this study, information will be collected using the structured interview guide. After collection, data will systematically be coded to help build themes in line with the objectives of the research. Additional information will be obtained using the observation schedule. Data will be collected during the year All respondents will be allowed to complete the questionnaire at least within a day. This chapter presents findings obtained from the study regarding the investigation of the impact of leakages and examination malpractices on the education standards and show evidence.

The findings are presented under the subheadings derived from the study objectives. The subheadings are as follows: Gender distribution of respondents, age distribution, educational qualification of respondents, the causes of deforestation, the effects of deforestation, and strategies of reducing deforestation. Table 1.

The Environmental Issues Of South Africa

It was found that the research was gendered and gender sensitive. Hence, the research was balanced.

The table below shows the age ranges of the respondents that were involved in the survey. Those that were between the ages of 20 — 30 years were 5 representing Figure 1 above shows the views of the respondents on the state of leakages and examination malpractice in chipata district. Therefore, this clearly shows that the majority of the respondents stated that there were no measures put in place to reduce the prevalence of leakages in the District.

Deforestation and Reforestation

However, the total number of respondents was This chapter presents on the discussion of the findings of the research which was on the causes and effects of deforestation and strategies of reducing deforestation in kabombo area in Chama district. The findings have been presented using the following subheadings : causes of deforestation: the effects of deforestation in Kabombo in Chama district and strategies that have been put to reduce deforestation. In the box provided tick or circle your best answer.

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Essay on Deforestation: Meaning, Causes and Effects

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Essay on Deforestation and its effects

What are the effects of deforestation? How can one adapt to the effects of deforestation?

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Which strategies can reduce the problem of deforestation? It would be of great importance also in the following ways; The recommendation of the study would help the policy makers to understand the causes and effects of deforestation. The study was designed to generate information on the strategies that would reduce the problems of deforestation in Kabombo.