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Four months allows enough time to collect and assess three or four quotes, select an editor, and go through the full editing process.

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Three might be rushing it. How to contact an editor : Email is usually the preferred method—specifically, a standard business email using clear, grammatically accurate English, paragraph breaks, and punctuation. It can also save time to attach 4 or 5 pages from the middle of the thesis as a writing sample, as most editors will request one before they send a quote.

Most editors recognise that students have limited budgets and that universities cap reimbursement for thesis production expenses, and thus offer lower rates for thesis editing. How to write a brief : Because each editing job is different, editors are accustomed to working to detailed briefs and meeting them exactly. Students therefore need to know how to spell out exactly what they want their editor to do—and not do—in the time allotted for editing their thesis.

If their university permits electronic editing, students should send the editor a single Word file containing their complete thesis unless they have negotiated otherwise ahead of time. If this is impossible, a PDF is the next best option.

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  5. They should also send the editor a brief, their style sheet, a copy of their referencing style guide short form , and their formatting guide if needed. Time needed for editing : In an emergency, a good editor with a clear schedule can turn around a 75,word document in a week or even less, but students who want a detailed and thorough edit should build a 2 to 3 week turnaround time into their submission plan.

    What happens after editing : Most editors will return a Word document with Track Changes visible if permitted and any final author queries included in comments, along with a PDF version of the same document. Students need to make sure their submission plan includes enough time to review each edit and query individually, respond to them all, and key final changes into their document before sending it for printing and binding.

    This can sometimes be a confronting process as well as a fiddly one, and may take up to a week to work through.

    The Best Software for Writing Your Dissertation

    At this point, as both a writer and an editor, I cannot stress enough how helpful outside resources are to your work. No one person knows it all, and it is best to have a second set of eyes review your work. I often employ this method. At this point, when the burnout sets in, it is best to call for help. A professional dissertation editor, such as those employed by FirstEditing. Completing a thesis is no small feat. Months of toiling over the material and trying to find the way to convey a multitude of important points can leave you feeling exhausted. Most doctoral programs require that a professional dissertation editor read and edit your work before submission to prepare it for publishing.

    However, not all programs require this. While it is best to enlist the services of a professional dissertation editor, the computer offers an unlimited supply of help to allow you to clean up your work. Newer versions of Microsoft Word and Works offer not only spell-check but grammar checks as well.

    How to Get Help Editing Your Dissertation

    They are incredible at picking up things that commonly go unnoticed, such as split infinitives, for example, a naturally overlooked error e. Please note that the spell-check will not pick up when a word is spelled correctly but used incorrectly. I am sure that I had a few other elementary tips that I used to pass onto students. I work as a professional editor, and a large part of my client base is composed of PhD candidates in particular, I work with those working in English as a second language. If you look at reputable organisations such as the Society for Editors and Proofreaders www.

    It is not a bad idea to pass the idea by a supervisor too so everything is in the open. All of this just comes down to good writing and editing — which not everybody can do. So I think it is fine to hire an editor for your thesis and it is something I thought about a lot before accepting my first PhD student! We are not doing the work for you, just making sure the work you have done is presented in the best possible way.

    I even looked up in the upwork some profiles of pretty good editors and their recommendation and experience is spotless but it could also be fake. You never know. So why should I do just like essay editing guide recommends — get an editing tool — which is in fact much safer and cheaper or just do the job myself. So, I just do not understand what are the perks of hiring an editor for my PhD thesis. Could you list them, if you can, please? Excellent question.