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It is evident that Carmody utilizes various literary techniques to portray the key themes of change, corruption and courage in the novel. Dark secrets are revealed throughout the plot as the town of Cheshunt spirals desperately out of control. After Nathanial moved to Cheshunt, he instantly recognizes something is wrong, the atmosphere was very eerie and unwelcoming.

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Overall, the story is representative of a much larger and important event in history. The first key theme I will be discussing is change. Additionally, the second key theme I will be reviewing is Corruption. The theme of corruption is evident in the novel in the form of misuse of authority and unjust acts of the protagonist Mr Karle.

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How unfeminine and unattractive you are. How rough. No one could ever love such a creature except out of pity. His ambition is corrupted by evil and by the desire for authority.

The misuse of authority is evident in that quote as Mr Karle threatens to use his power as principal to punish a student for an invalid reason. Thus, it is clear how the dialogue between Mr Karle and other characters vividly reveal the key theme of corruption.

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Finally, the last key theme I will be examining is courage. The theme of courage is present in the novel in the heroic act of Nissa.

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In conclusion, novels often contain deep and meaningful ideas that can be identified through closer examination. The ideas evident in the Gathering probe the readers to think and see the parallel between events in their lives and the novel. Thus, it is clear how Isobel Carmody utilizes a range of literary techniques such as symbolism, dialogue, setting, plot and characters to demonstrate the key themes of change, corruption and courage.

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Westfield Voc Tech High. Uploaded By AdmiralAtomHeron The students soon, find themselves amongst one of many great challenges ahead of them, throughout the novel. Isobelle Carmody has gone through the use of characterisation, settings and the specific events occurring in the plot line and the language used, reveals and explores the themes used throughout her novel, The Gathering.