Essay on current topic of india

This is why you need to be aware of changes and trends. Writing an assignment about current social topics of is a chance to open up their eyes and increase their knowledge.

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Such assignments allow teens and young adults to express their opinions about the trendiest topics of that affect everybody. In order to write a perfect essay, you will have to follow a few steps:. Your focus on choosing a relevant social problem topic of will pay off. It should be something that will cause some controversy and keep your audience interested.

Check with your teacher or professor to make sure that your topic is acceptable for and can be discussed at school or college. You can refer to trending hashtags of on media platforms or check your daily newspaper for news.

Essay on Social Problems in India | Sociology

Pay attention to international news as well. It is a good way to understand what is going on in different parts of the world and how they affect Americans living in the States. Some relevant global social problems are as follows income inequality poverty , corruption, the rise in authoritarianism erosion of democratic values , criminality, unsustainable development, bullying in schools.

You should always look for academically proved and reliable sources that you can cite in your essay.

Essay on Social Problems in India | Sociology

Some students simply rely on the media for examples to include in their tasks. This is risky because the world of the media industry is affected by political influence and can be biased. It is recommended to rely on academically approved sources to find relevant examples. Stay attentive to find relevant examples. Use your example to support your opinion and explain it. It should be easy to understand. Whatever be the results, it is surely a matter of importance for the students to come to know what should and can be expected from the upcoming elections.

Therefore, we have prepared some long essays for students which shall educate them further in this regard. It is the right thing to say that the Indian general election is quite unpredictable. The election of assembly in Tripura and the by-poll of Lok Sabha in Gorakhpur exposed, once more, the political agility of the constituency. If you generalize the Census of around 2 crore children turn into 18 years old each year.

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Once the election comes around, there will possibly or supposedly be, 10 crore electorates for the first time. Every person does not get listed with the ECI Election Commission of India however it is a group that no party-political might think to overlook. Not only are the number of voters in the election important but also their individualities are essential.

First-time electorates act contrarily. They are not only tech-savvy and more educated but also well informed in comparison to their entire family. They might have an opinion in election which goes in contrast to the conventional political likings of the family.

They might also possess an influence on election by performing as the outlook-creators and influencers inside their family circle as well as friends. The main concern and opportunity for the political parties fall in the information that the amount of first-time electorates in India for election is huge. As per the data of ECI, around 2.

Moreover, it also displays the targeting of the critical first-time voters. When PM Narendra Modi was a candidate of PM, during his campaigning he depended generally on a mixture of social media involvements and the help of the student helpers to lead his famous events including the Chai Pe Charcha. As soon as the huge fight of election is arriving, the party-political are over an overdrive to involve with the young voters. The BJP has been arranging events at the booth-level for new electorates to transform them into lifetime supporters.

One of the immense questions today is that which alliance or political party will thrive in election along with the attraction of younger voters. We are sure that the connectivity of 4G to the rural part of India and usage of low-cost smartphones will make the battle of election is probable to be battled exceedingly on phones. At the time when India became independent it was a challenge for the leaders to bring all the states and territories under one roof. This challenge was mightily faced and aced by the Democratic form of government in India.

The Central Government comes into shape as the people in India exercise their Constitutional right to vote after every 5 years, to elect their representatives in Lok Sabha. Narendra Damodardas Modi. He has undoubtedly established a compelling charm over major parts of the country.

The opposing parties led by Congress have a humongous task of winning back the confidence of millions of Indians.

Lending Hands to Someone is Better than Giving a Dole

Undoubtedly the positive results have brought a breath of fresh air to the opposition parties. But this is no time to rest for them as it is going to be a race to the finish. The BJP has a stronghold in major and biggest states in the country which beholds a tough competition to the opposition parties. The BJP government is in all praises for its milestones achieved in terms of improved International stature of the country.

The opposition has tinted issues like the repercussions of demonetization, discontent in the agricultural sector, increasing unemployment in the youth, increasing prices of natural gas and fuels, huge scandals faced by major banks in the country. The evidently unfulfilled promises of the Modi Government are the key talking points for Congress and its allies. All the parties are running massive campaigns to register their names in the minds and hearts of the people.