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Hungary, finally, represents the 'erasure' model whereby same-sex marriages celebrated abroad are not even recognised as civil partnerships. These models are criticised from an EU law, European human rights law, and private international law perspective. Weaponising religious freedom: Same-sex marriage and gender equality in the Philippines. This article spells out the ways in which religious freedom has been deployed against proponents of same-sex marriage and gender equality in the Philippines. While the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer LGBTQ community and allies have appealed to religious freedom to gain equal rights under the law, conservative Christian entities have fought back by invoking also the same idea.

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They have appropriated religious freedom, which has historically been interpreted by the courts in favour of individual liberties, to defend majoritarian values surrounding sexuality. This article describes this move as the weaponisation of religious freedom in defence of the dominant religion and an assumed majority of Filipinos whose moral sensibilities are purportedly under attack.

Towards the end, the article relates this weaponisation to the experience of the Catholic Church in the contemporary public sphere and the militant character of Christianity that continues to view the Philippines as a Christian nation. Shangri La en peligro. The report analyzes the hypothesis of a conflict between EU Law and the national constitutional identities of the Member States over the issue of transnational recognition of same-sex marriages.

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This essay reviews the constructive biblical, historical, pastoral and legal argument for accepted same-sex marriage in churches, states, and liberal societies offered by a leading Protestant theologian and jurist. Reshaping relational scripts? Marriage and civil partnership proposals among same-gender couples. The traditional marriage initiation script entails male partners 'proposing' to female partners.

However, little is known about how same-gender couples initiate a marriage or civil partnership. Drawing on qualitative survey data from Drawing on qualitative survey data from 82 people in a UK civil partnership or same-gender marriage we identify two marriage initiation themes which foreground the reshaping of script norms for marriage proposals.